Monday, October 25, 2004

Kinda Quiet

Hey folks,

I know I haven't posted anything in a minute but, to tell you the truth, I've been a bit busy. Besides, I've been posting a lot about the election and, as of now, I'm just frustrated with the whole deal. You'd think I was political with all of my ranting but the simple truth is I'm more concerned with what folks are going through under the current administration than I am the presidential candidates themselves. Bush makes me edgy ... I think he's done more harm than good. Kerry talks the talk and I think we should give him a chance ... Bush has already had his shot.

Right now I'm trying to get my hands on some of Mark Cuban's money. I'm completing some documentation that I'll be putting up on a web site with the hopes that he'll be willing to go into business with me. It's a long shot, but it beats nothing. If he knew me personally, he'd know that it would be money well spent ... hopefully I can grab his attention. If not, it didn't cost me anything, so that's a plus.

At first, I was thinking that it must suck to constantly have people hounding you for money but, after thinking about it, I'd still rather be in his position than mine. The freedom to live your life however you see fit and help people without having to worry about your own security would be worth almost any inconvenience that I can think of. I'm sure Mark wouldn't want to trade places with me ... money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can rent a hell of a lot.

Tonight, I saw the season finale of "The Benefactor." The last show was definitely the best, I felt like I finally got a glimpse into the real personalities of the last two characters and I was pleasantly surprised. The show ended on a really great note and I honestly think it would have been a hit if "The Apprentice" hadn't come out first. As it is, I doubt it'll be back but it was pretty good while it lasted. If it does come back, then I'm giving it my hearty endorsement (for whatever that's worth :) ) . If it comes on again, WATCH IT, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sign of the Apocalypse I: Joy in Beantown

Somewhere, right now, a shocked Beelzebub is hunting desperately for a winter parker ... Hell must have frozen over because the Boston Red Sox have finally succeeded in conquering their long-time arch-enemies, the New York Yankees. Not just conquering but HUMILIATING them as well by doing what no baseball team has EVER done, coming back and winning a seven game series after being down 0-3. Whatever ghosts living in mighty Yankee Stadium have been exorcised and sent careening ass-first into oblivion. It's as if all the greatest Yankees in history were lined up and collectively bitch-slapped senseless.

Congrats Beantown ... an end to The Curse is finally in sight.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Voices of Reason

Just when I thought the U.S. was skipping to hell in a handbasket, I get pleasantly surprised. It's great to see that common sense does indeed transcend political boundaries. Keep up the good work fellas and tell all your friends!

And for those of you who still refuse to see the truth regarding Bush, here's a reality check.

Sometimes It Sucks to Be Right

Just as I predicted, Bush has gotten major support from the "ignorant" contingent and has actually opened up his lead against Kerry. He was just as inarticulate and his arguments were just as empty but the fact that he remained calmed and looked like he knew what he was talking about was enough to gain support. This guy is one of the worst presidents in recent memory and he actually has A LEAD going into the election. What is it going to take to convince people he's ridiculous, a nuke in downtown Manhattan? I bet that would actually HELP his poll numbers. The U.S. is falling more and more into the hands the ultra-conservative, ultra-ignorant right ... Rome wasn't built in a day and it didn't fall in one either. But the signs were there for those willing to look. And the writing definitely seems to be on the wall now.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Argument for Kerry II

Bet there are a lot of people out there right now who miss the hell out of Bill Clinton. Hmmm, let's see ... trillion dollar surplus, 22 million jobs created, booming economy, no major acts of foreign terrorism, etc. Now we have this. Damn, I miss him.

"Threepeat" for Kerry? Depends on Who You Ask

While most of the American media is once again claiming a tie, our European buddies are naming Kerry the victor in the third and last debate and a "threepeat" overall for Kerry. I agree and I also think Edwards put spank on Cheney. While most of the "scientific" polls have given a slight edge to Kerry/Edwards for the debates, outside of the first Kerry/Bush debate, the results have fallen well within the margin of error. However, practically EVERY online poll had Kerry and Edwards throttling Bush and Cheney for every debate. Not surprisingly, the media has remained largely silent about that latter fact.

The simple truth is that Kerry has been consistent and strong in every debate. He has more than adequately addressed every criticism leveled at him and his plans for America, at least from a domestic level, are supported by billionaires, Nobel Laureates, and many others who can do more than just spout partisan rhetoric. The fact that Kerry is not completely running away with this election is a testament to the ignorance and partisanship that is slowly eroding this country.

Zen and the Art of Managing Kobe

I think this is something many people suspected but few were willing to admit ... Kobe Bryant doesn't seem to be a very nice guy. Besides pissing off Shaq, it seems that his childish behavior was irritating enough to penetrate the Zen-like calm of Phil Jackson, a man noted for his ability to manage the personalities of even the most "sensitive" superstars (if you think managing Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Shaq was easy, I have a bridge in Brooklyn with your name on it). "Dr. Phil" has even written a book detailing the trials and tribulations of managing His Heirness and, to put it mildly, he seems to have a pretty low opinion of Mr. Bryant. C'mon, the man needed THERAPY from managing Kobe, and not afterwards but DURING his last season in L.A.

I've never thought of Kobe as a particularly pleasant guy and, for all of his talent, he always struck me as arrogant to the point of disdain. Jordan is arrogant but he has a way of masking it behind an affable smile and regal disposition. Kobe always seems like he is a few seconds away from throwing a temper tantrum. Despite his apparent faults, I didn't think he was capable of rape, but now I'm not so sure.

In any case, I'm buying Phil's book ... hey, it beats watching the soaps! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bush Brings His "A" Game

After watching the third debate, I have to admit that G.W. Bush brought his "A" game. He was eloquent, he was insightful, and he stayed on message without appearing testy or combative. As always, his "facts" were nonsense and Kerry was, once again, more substantive and accurate. Many people don't realize that Kerry's various plans regarding domestic policies are indeed VERY SOUND and have the general support of many economists, including many Nobel laureates. But Bush GAVE A GOOD SHOW and appeared very presidential ... I think that will be more than enough to solidify and energize his base.

I wouldn't be surprised if the media claims a victory for Bush ... his performance was excellent. I don't think it will matter that he has already had four years to prove himself and his record is spotty at best or that most of his statements were pure unsupported rhetoric. He acted presidential and I think that's all it will take to get the bandwagon going.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Media Center PCs: Neither Fish Nor Foul

People have been trying to do this for over six years ... the Media Center PC. Today, Microsoft unveiled it's Media Center operating system, version 2005 and it looks as pedestrian as every other attempt to create the "holy grail" of computers, one that is suitable for the living room as well as/instead of the study. Too bad Bill G. and everyone else doesn't get it ... it's the SOFTWARE that creates the experience not the hardware and Microsoft Windows, in any iteration, IS NOT SUITABLE for the job. Windows is a cludged-together compromise representing over 20 years of computing history and, from a useability standpoint, it's a nightmare. By it's very nature, it is a legacy product ... it'll take a completely new and modern approach to successfully introduce the media center PC concept (or, for that matter, the "tablet PC" concept, but that's another post). Sony's PSX is closer to the ideal though it also has received little market acceptance. When someone finally gets it right, it'll look a lot more like a gaming console than a PC or consumer electronics device. Trust me.

Bill G., if you really want to know how to get this thing going, contact me.

The Working Class as Sport

I had originally intended to write a review of a new show called The Benefactor; the premise of the show is that several contestants must complete tests which supposedly represent skills necessary for successful entrepreneurship. Contestants, upon failure of any of the tests, are subject to elimination until one person is left, who will win one million dollars. The show is sponsored by Mark Cuban, former Internet mogul turned sports team owner; he created and hosts the show, and put up the loot for the prize (probably amongst other things ... I'm not sure how much of the bill he's footing for the entire venture). The show has gotten a bit of flack and is often compared unfavorably (and, in my opinion, unfairly) to The Apprentice, Donald Trump's slick homage to his own ego.

My opinion about the show, in a nutsack, is that it's pretty well done; while many of the contestants suck and have pretty rank personalities, Mark Cuban seems pretty cool and the tests do represent a relatively accurate, though basic, assessment of the skills necessary to succeed from a business standpoint. As a budding entrepreneur with one failed business under my belt already, I can definitely attest to the fact that chance is a major component in business success ... Mark's tests have been panned for being too simplistic and random, but I feel like they accurately represent, at least from a microcosmic standpoint, the challenges entrepreneurs face. Supposedly, 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years and 50% of those left standing fail after the next 5 ... do all of these people have ideas that suck or is chance a major factor? I can't say for certain but, in my experience, chance can make or break you.

That being said, the more I watch The Benefactor, the more I'm reminded of the gladiators of ancient Rome. Slaves, criminals, and members of the lower-class often fought to the death for a chance at fame and fortune in games staged by the elite. Sound familiar? Life may no longer be the price, but dignity is and words like "You're fired" or "You're eliminated" harken back to the days when a turn of the thumb was all that stood between fortune and an ignoble end. In the case of The Benefactor, there seems to be nothing to indicate that any of the contestants were chosen for their entrepreneural spirit, but rather because they might make entertaining television. Indeed, none of the competitors seems particularly intelligent, creative, personable, or compelling. As a person striving for entrepreneurship, I'm vexed that opportunities are being given to people strictly for entertainment value when legitimate potential entrepreneurs like myself likely couldn't get a guy like Mark Cuban's attention no matter how hard they tried.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait for my turn to step into the arena. I don't care how my opportunity comes as long as I get it. But, if any of you rich folks out there have some spare change hanging around and you'd like to make another fortune, contact me.

The Revolution Will Be Branded

Maybe conspiracy theorists are on to something. This is a clear sign of the worm eating away at the core of America. If these institutions, responsible for BILLIONS of dollars of revenue, aren't paying taxes, guess who's responsible for the bill? Yep, that's right, John Q. and Jane Public. No "class war," huh? If thing's keep going like this, no Perrier-swilling, cavier-eating corporate fatcat will be safe from a public bitch-slapping.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Argument for Kerry

This is why I think John Kerry should become the next President of the United States of America.

Gun Metaphors a.k.a Why I'm Killing You Softly

If you've read my blog, you're probably wondering why I use so many gun metaphors. Am I a psycho? Or a raving NRA gun nut? Nah. I've just learned that, other than using sexual imagery, invoking life/death imagery is a very effective way to get people to relate to specific points. Most people are very afraid of death and gun violence, so attaching relevant topics to gun/death imagery generally creates an instant relationship that goes straight to the subconscious, allowing me to get past many of the ingrained prejudices and "sacred cows" most people carry. It's not pleasant, but it works, at least more than any other technique I've used. It's not that it's been wildly effective, but every little bit helps.

I COULD use sexual imagery, but I'm trying to keep my tirades in the PG-13 category. Or, at least, NC-17 :)

I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Ignorance Is Bliss

Well, let me see ... regarding the Prez Debate, the media has once again declared a draw, despite the overwhelming support for Kerry on many online polls. It seems that, as long as Bush or Cheney don't do anything stupid, they are given credit for having a good debate. Nevermind what they actually say ... forget the blatant lies regarding Iraq, the snowjob on the economy, or even the ridiculous assertion by Bush that his environmental policies have been sound. As long as he and Cheney stay cool and continue to pander to the wealthy and the ignorant, everything is honky-dory for them. Unbelievable.

I've given up on the media having any objectivity regarding this race. What debate were they watching? The one I saw had Kerry once again manhandling Bush like he had just purchased him for a pack of smokes, but the media obviously was watching a different one. Since when has not losing meant winning? Why are people giving Bush and Cheney credit for relentlessly sticking to their lies? The only people in this country who have anything to be happy about under this administration are the 1% of people the tax cuts truly benefitted, a.k.a the swollen pocket group. That just goes to show you ignorance is ... well, you know the rest.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Conserv-eral or Liber-servative?

Despite my left-leaning on this blog, I wouldn't classify myself as a liberal. When it comes to national defense, gun control, and abortion (late-term), I'm more on the right side of the fence; as for the environment, corporate accountability, and abortion (early term), I stand more to the left. In general, I guess I'd be called a "centrist." Geez, I really put myself out on a limb there ;)

Personally, I think the entire two-party system should be abolished. If that were the case, each candidate would have to run on his own platform. It would substantially lower the power of PACs and lobbying groups and restore some measure of integrity to the political process. Rather than people just voting for a generic group and platform, they would have to get off of their lazy asses and actually research candidates to make educated choices. The two-party system has only created a political environment of laziness and blind partisanship. Let's end it and start using our brains to make political choices, not punditry.

Prez Debate a.k.a Beatdown II

After watching the second Presidential debate, I have this to say ...

Be afraid, Bush ... be very afraid.

Kerry has just administered the verbal equivalent of a jail-house beatdown ... AGAIN. If this debate had been an actual fight, Kerry would be standing over a prone Bush with a well-worn sack of nickels ... it was that brutal. Kerry is really just kicking Bush's ass. I can't put it any other way ... on substance, on delivery, whatever, Kerry is proving to me that he is indeed the superior candidate.

I wonder what the spin on this one will be. But, as for me, Kerry is just proving to be a better candidate.

Saddam spelled backwards is "Maddas"

When you're relatively intelligent, opinionated, and practically live on the Internet (like me) you get into A LOT of pointless arguments. One thing I've learned the hard way is, no matter how much sense you make, it is almost impossible to change someone's point of view. For instance, I've been in a ton of conflagrations with neo-conservatives regarding the U.S.'s so-called "War on Terror" and let me just say the experience was like arguing with killer robots programmed by Rush Limbaugh. I can't remember one neo-con who was able to argue his/her point from a human perspective, s/he could only regurgitate very sketchy "statistics" (and we all know what they say about statistics) or party-line rhetoric. To save myself any future arguments and as a public service for those who actually possess common sense, I've decided to document a very abridged but accurate "Neo-Con vs. Common Sense" discussion regarding the War on Terror and Iraq:

Neo-Con: Iraq was connected to 9/11.

Rebuttal: Wrong. It's common knowledge that Iraq had no connection to 9/11. Sure, Saddam was happy about it but, last I checked, that wasn't a crime.

Neo-Con: Iraq had connections to Al Qaeda.

Rebuttal: Wrong again. Osama Bin Laden is a religious zealot, Saddam Hussein is a hedonistic atheist. Bin Laden depised Saddam as much as he did the U.S. and would have never lowered himself to dealing with a man who used Islam strictly for political reasons. If Bin Laden had only one bullet in his gun and had Dubya and Hussein standing in front of him, he would wish for a second bullet.

Neo-Con: We can win the War on Terrorism by wiping out the terrorists.

Rebuttal: How can you defeat an idea? The only way to cure a disease is to heal the source, not attack the symptoms. Believe it or not, the U.S. faces a greater terrorist threat now than it did pre-9/11. How many Americans, or other foreign nationals, were beheaded in acts of terror prior to 9/11?

Neo-Con: Terrorism is rooted in Islam.

Rebuttal: That's so wrong it's scary. For a very long time, the world's bloodiest terror organization was the Irish Republican Army, a Christian group. Neo-Nazi organizations, many of them affiliated with Christianity, also have very bloody histories. Terrorism is not affiliated with any one religion.

For a long period of history, the Islamic culture was one of the most progressive and peaceful cultures on the planet. The legacy of the Islamic culture is one of tremendous scholarship and inspiration; many of the greatest works in science and art would not have been possible without Islamic contribution. For a significant portion of history, Islam was the pinnacle of civilization while the European culture languished in an illiterate, unhygienic, plague-ridden Dark Age.

Neo-Con: Terrorism became a bigger threat after 9/11.

Rebuttal: Yes, but because of the U.S. response not the act itself. Terrorism was always a significant threat, the terrorists were just finally able to pull off a significant attack. Europe and Israel have always had to deal with terrorist bombings, assasinations, etc. 9/11 was just the first significant terrorist attack from a foreign source on U.S soil. People forget that, pre-9/11, the most significant terrorist act committed in this country was done by an American citizen affiliated with a Christian movement.

Neo-Con: If Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction, why didn't he just say so?

Rebuttal: Because Saddam faced significant threats internally, from revenge-seeking Kurds in northern Iraq and disgruntled Shi'ites in southern Iraq, and externally from Iran. If you knew the only thing between you and a beatdown from three of your worst enemies was the gun at your hip, would you tell anyone the gun was empty? I believe that Bush knew this and used it to his advantage; he knew Saddam had no WMDs and knew Saddam couldn't admit it for fear of attack from his other enemies. In other words, it was a bluff and BUSH KNEW it was a bluff and he decided to use it to his advantage. Why would Bush want to go to war with Iraq? That's a question I can't really answer.

Neo-Con: You are unpatriotic. You think we should just roll over and let them attack us.

Rebuttal: No, I think military force is appropriate for certain aspects of our situation but not the only answer. Hunting Bin Laden in Afghanistan was the right move but we shouldn't expect to always have easily identifiable targets. We are not just fighting people, we are fighting ideas and the only way to defeat an idea is with a better one. We shouldn't become terrorists in order to fight them.


How do I know my argument is correct? I can't say for certain but this article makes me think I'm not too off-base.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I Want to Be Like ... Tiger.

Hmmm, let's see ... you're the dominant professional athlete in your sport ... you are in your prime, tall, handsome, in Olympian-class physical health, phenomenally wealthy and arguably the most recognizable figure on the planet. You'd think this embarassment of riches would be enough for Tiger Woods ... however, incredibly, the gods weren't done blessing him. This weekend, in a wedding rumored to have cost roughly 1 1/2 MILLION dollars, Eldrick T. Woods married the gorgeous Elin Nordegren, a blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic goddess. Talk about "cup runneth over" ... Tiger's water tower runneth over.

Commence to hating right about ... now.

About the only heartening portion of this story for poor schlubs like me is that Elin's identical twin sister, Josefin, is, remarkably, still single. I don't expect that condition to last much longer but, until that changes, I can still dream :)

Weapons of Mass Disinformation

It's probably no surprise to anyone that G.W. Bush's justification for war with Iraq was completely gutted officially Wednesday. I think it's beyond dispute now that almost the entire rationale for the war was false.

Does that mean the U.S. was wrong for preemptively striking Iraq? The answer is ... yes and no. The sad but simple truth is the U.S. may one day be forced to take preemptive action against another country based on sketchy information because the proportion of the risk versus the validity of the information is too high. For instance, if a substantial amount of "good" but hazy intelligence pointed to North Korea selling Al Qaeda a nuclear weapon and the only way to prevent the exchange was to attack North Korea, then an attack would be justifiable because the risk would be too high to ignore, even if the information later proved faulty. However, the situation in Iraq was substantially different ... the U.S. controlled practically two-thirds of the country and U.N. inspectors were ever-present. We had the clamps on Iraq and it would have taken balls and resources that Saddam didn't possess in order to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) right under our noses. It just wasn't going to happen. Our invasion of Iraq was like shooting someone in the head after they had already been shot in both arms and legs. Would a court of law in this country acquit someone under those circumstances if s/he claimed "self-defense"? No, so why should Bush and Cheney get that type of benefit of the doubt?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Veep Debate: More of the Same

Hate to keep harping on this but the slant of the media is just getting ridiculous. While they keep calling the debate a "draw," no one in the media seems willing to actually report the opinion of the American people, who seem to have overwhelmingly voted Edwards the winner in almost every major online poll. I know the polls aren't scientific but that doesn't mean they have no relevance. But, other than a foreign article, they were not mentioned. So much for the "liberal media."

I remember the good ol' days when journalism was supposed to be impartial. Nowadays, every journalist is also a political pundit with a slimy agenda. I used to think we actually had "freedom of speech" and "freedom of the press" in this country but now I realize it's only "reverse-censorship" ... instead of controlling the news through intimidation and oppression, the media simply hires loud-mouth, ignorant blowhards and let's them rant uncontrollably, all under the guise of free speech and free press. And we have the nerve to criticize Al-Jhazeera ...

One day, hypocrisy is going to swallow this country and regurgitate an anarchistic, chaotic shell of what was once the world's preeminent power.

The Conservative Media

I'm always hearing talk of the "liberal media" but where is it? The spin I'm reading regarding last night's VP debate is, sadly, very predictable ... the media is calling it a "draw," and pretty much for the same reasons I did. But the truth is, Edwards soundly thrashed Cheney on almost every relevant point. Conservatives in the media are heralding Cheney's performance as a "knockout" but, let's face it, they were just happy he didn't unravel like G. Dub ... not caving is not the same as winning. If this had been a boxing match, Cheney would have been TKO'd as he was left defenseless on a myriad of points. Prizefights are stopped when one opponent is being pummeled on the ropes and can not mount an effective offense. Lucky for Cheney, words were the weapons, not fists.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Props for Scottie P.

Today, my favorite player in the NBA retired ... Scottie Pippen. The man has a ton of haters so, rather than defend him, I've decided to let this article do all the talking. Simply put, the man is possibly the most underrated player in NBA history and is definitely one of the 50 greatest ever. Peace Scottie P. ... you've earned the rest.

VP Debate: Who Won?

Just got finished watching the VP debate tonight ... who won?

Spin aside, I think Edwards had the more substantive approach but Cheney had the clear edge in personality. Debating Cheney is kind of like getting into an argument with your dad ... no matter how right you are, your dad is still your dad. Cheney has a very patriarchal air that I don't think Edwards was able to overcome. So, all in all, I'd call it a draw. I personally feel like Edwards had Cheney over a barrel during most of the evening, but I know the conservative base in this country cares very little for facts and figures ... if they did, they would know that the terrorism situation in the world is far worse today than it was pre-9/11 and that the economy is being screened with smoke and mirrors.

The End of Death?

What if Death is a fallacy? What if all the unfairness we perceive in an untimely death is just an illusion? What if Death is a test for the living, but completely inconsequential to the "dead"?

Recently, I came to ponder the nature of life and I decided to challenge my perception that life is linear and unique. What I came to realize is that Death may be more a part of life than we realize ...

Suppose, for a minute, that life is indeed unending, a line that is never truly broken but only interrupted. What if each individual, from his or her perspective, never actually experiences death? Think about it ... from your point of view, the only way you could ever confirm that death is an actual experience is if you experienced it. Well, what if you never did?

My theory is that every individual from his or her own perspective will NOT ever experience death. They will simply go from one life to the next, growing old and passing away in one reality only to reawaken as a child in another, with no memory of their former experiences.

Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, some research in quantum mechanics seems to point in this direction. Check out Schrodinger's Cat and the Tegmark Hypothesis for more info.

Well, if we don't truly die, what happens? Stay tuned for my answers ... suffice it to say, immortality not only may be possible, but it could be a survival imperative.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Viva Tito!!!!!

Mach loves the fights, baby, Mach loves the fights. That's why I was particularly pleased that my man Felix Trinidad put slap down on that loudmouth Ricardo Mayorga. It was a dangerous fight for Tito ... a wild livin', wild swingin' Nicaraguan nightmare with a chin of pure steel. It took eight rounds of constant pummeling but "El Matador" finally tasted canvas for the first time in his pro career courtesy of The Man. A lot of guys don't realize how hard Trinidad hits until they get in the ring with him but, by then, it's too late ...

What's next? I say go after The Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya. His power is non-existent at 154 or 160 and the extra pounds would make it difficult for him to run like he did in their first fight. Bernard Hopkins was able to chase Goldie down when he got on his bicycle in the later rounds of their bout, so I know it can be done. I think the Golden Boy gets melted for good by Trinidad via mid-round KO.

As for Hopkins, I don't think he should fight Tito ... he's only a couple of fights away from permanent legendary status and I think ... no ... I'm SURE he'd get KO'd in the rematch. I knew that Hopkins would win the first match if Tito couldn't make a dent in his chin with his power but, after the fight, I realized Hopkins has an Achilles heel ... the body. Trinidad did very little work to Hopkins' mid-section in their bout ... I don't think he'll make the mistake of head-hunting again. Hopkins admitted he could not lift his arms the following day after the fight and that was after very little body work by Tito. Next fight, Tito tenderizes the Executioner's ribs and wins via late round KO.

Just my two cents.

Dick and Bush: A Great Combination

Sadly, I don't mean the current Prez and VP of the good ol' U.S. of A. Dubya makes Clinton look downright ethical while Cheney is indeed the president of vice. Man, the rich have it made in this country ... craploads of money and a president who wants to make sure they get more. Is this the "New World Order" all the conspiracy wonks are talking about? Cuz, if so, I have only one question ... how can I get in on it?

Truth Is A Pathless Land

Hmmm, a web log from another random character on planet Earth. How original. That's cool, though ... you may be surprised at what you learn from me, and vice versa. So, if you like your brain stretched, stay tuned ...