Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bush Brings His "A" Game

After watching the third debate, I have to admit that G.W. Bush brought his "A" game. He was eloquent, he was insightful, and he stayed on message without appearing testy or combative. As always, his "facts" were nonsense and Kerry was, once again, more substantive and accurate. Many people don't realize that Kerry's various plans regarding domestic policies are indeed VERY SOUND and have the general support of many economists, including many Nobel laureates. But Bush GAVE A GOOD SHOW and appeared very presidential ... I think that will be more than enough to solidify and energize his base.

I wouldn't be surprised if the media claims a victory for Bush ... his performance was excellent. I don't think it will matter that he has already had four years to prove himself and his record is spotty at best or that most of his statements were pure unsupported rhetoric. He acted presidential and I think that's all it will take to get the bandwagon going.


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