Friday, October 08, 2004

Conserv-eral or Liber-servative?

Despite my left-leaning on this blog, I wouldn't classify myself as a liberal. When it comes to national defense, gun control, and abortion (late-term), I'm more on the right side of the fence; as for the environment, corporate accountability, and abortion (early term), I stand more to the left. In general, I guess I'd be called a "centrist." Geez, I really put myself out on a limb there ;)

Personally, I think the entire two-party system should be abolished. If that were the case, each candidate would have to run on his own platform. It would substantially lower the power of PACs and lobbying groups and restore some measure of integrity to the political process. Rather than people just voting for a generic group and platform, they would have to get off of their lazy asses and actually research candidates to make educated choices. The two-party system has only created a political environment of laziness and blind partisanship. Let's end it and start using our brains to make political choices, not punditry.


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