Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Conservative Media

I'm always hearing talk of the "liberal media" but where is it? The spin I'm reading regarding last night's VP debate is, sadly, very predictable ... the media is calling it a "draw," and pretty much for the same reasons I did. But the truth is, Edwards soundly thrashed Cheney on almost every relevant point. Conservatives in the media are heralding Cheney's performance as a "knockout" but, let's face it, they were just happy he didn't unravel like G. Dub ... not caving is not the same as winning. If this had been a boxing match, Cheney would have been TKO'd as he was left defenseless on a myriad of points. Prizefights are stopped when one opponent is being pummeled on the ropes and can not mount an effective offense. Lucky for Cheney, words were the weapons, not fists.


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