Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The End of Death?

What if Death is a fallacy? What if all the unfairness we perceive in an untimely death is just an illusion? What if Death is a test for the living, but completely inconsequential to the "dead"?

Recently, I came to ponder the nature of life and I decided to challenge my perception that life is linear and unique. What I came to realize is that Death may be more a part of life than we realize ...

Suppose, for a minute, that life is indeed unending, a line that is never truly broken but only interrupted. What if each individual, from his or her perspective, never actually experiences death? Think about it ... from your point of view, the only way you could ever confirm that death is an actual experience is if you experienced it. Well, what if you never did?

My theory is that every individual from his or her own perspective will NOT ever experience death. They will simply go from one life to the next, growing old and passing away in one reality only to reawaken as a child in another, with no memory of their former experiences.

Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, some research in quantum mechanics seems to point in this direction. Check out Schrodinger's Cat and the Tegmark Hypothesis for more info.

Well, if we don't truly die, what happens? Stay tuned for my answers ... suffice it to say, immortality not only may be possible, but it could be a survival imperative.


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