Saturday, October 09, 2004

Ignorance Is Bliss

Well, let me see ... regarding the Prez Debate, the media has once again declared a draw, despite the overwhelming support for Kerry on many online polls. It seems that, as long as Bush or Cheney don't do anything stupid, they are given credit for having a good debate. Nevermind what they actually say ... forget the blatant lies regarding Iraq, the snowjob on the economy, or even the ridiculous assertion by Bush that his environmental policies have been sound. As long as he and Cheney stay cool and continue to pander to the wealthy and the ignorant, everything is honky-dory for them. Unbelievable.

I've given up on the media having any objectivity regarding this race. What debate were they watching? The one I saw had Kerry once again manhandling Bush like he had just purchased him for a pack of smokes, but the media obviously was watching a different one. Since when has not losing meant winning? Why are people giving Bush and Cheney credit for relentlessly sticking to their lies? The only people in this country who have anything to be happy about under this administration are the 1% of people the tax cuts truly benefitted, a.k.a the swollen pocket group. That just goes to show you ignorance is ... well, you know the rest.


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