Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Media Center PCs: Neither Fish Nor Foul

People have been trying to do this for over six years ... the Media Center PC. Today, Microsoft unveiled it's Media Center operating system, version 2005 and it looks as pedestrian as every other attempt to create the "holy grail" of computers, one that is suitable for the living room as well as/instead of the study. Too bad Bill G. and everyone else doesn't get it ... it's the SOFTWARE that creates the experience not the hardware and Microsoft Windows, in any iteration, IS NOT SUITABLE for the job. Windows is a cludged-together compromise representing over 20 years of computing history and, from a useability standpoint, it's a nightmare. By it's very nature, it is a legacy product ... it'll take a completely new and modern approach to successfully introduce the media center PC concept (or, for that matter, the "tablet PC" concept, but that's another post). Sony's PSX is closer to the ideal though it also has received little market acceptance. When someone finally gets it right, it'll look a lot more like a gaming console than a PC or consumer electronics device. Trust me.

Bill G., if you really want to know how to get this thing going, contact me.


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