Friday, October 15, 2004

Sometimes It Sucks to Be Right

Just as I predicted, Bush has gotten major support from the "ignorant" contingent and has actually opened up his lead against Kerry. He was just as inarticulate and his arguments were just as empty but the fact that he remained calmed and looked like he knew what he was talking about was enough to gain support. This guy is one of the worst presidents in recent memory and he actually has A LEAD going into the election. What is it going to take to convince people he's ridiculous, a nuke in downtown Manhattan? I bet that would actually HELP his poll numbers. The U.S. is falling more and more into the hands the ultra-conservative, ultra-ignorant right ... Rome wasn't built in a day and it didn't fall in one either. But the signs were there for those willing to look. And the writing definitely seems to be on the wall now.


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