Thursday, October 14, 2004

"Threepeat" for Kerry? Depends on Who You Ask

While most of the American media is once again claiming a tie, our European buddies are naming Kerry the victor in the third and last debate and a "threepeat" overall for Kerry. I agree and I also think Edwards put spank on Cheney. While most of the "scientific" polls have given a slight edge to Kerry/Edwards for the debates, outside of the first Kerry/Bush debate, the results have fallen well within the margin of error. However, practically EVERY online poll had Kerry and Edwards throttling Bush and Cheney for every debate. Not surprisingly, the media has remained largely silent about that latter fact.

The simple truth is that Kerry has been consistent and strong in every debate. He has more than adequately addressed every criticism leveled at him and his plans for America, at least from a domestic level, are supported by billionaires, Nobel Laureates, and many others who can do more than just spout partisan rhetoric. The fact that Kerry is not completely running away with this election is a testament to the ignorance and partisanship that is slowly eroding this country.


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