Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Veep Debate: More of the Same

Hate to keep harping on this but the slant of the media is just getting ridiculous. While they keep calling the debate a "draw," no one in the media seems willing to actually report the opinion of the American people, who seem to have overwhelmingly voted Edwards the winner in almost every major online poll. I know the polls aren't scientific but that doesn't mean they have no relevance. But, other than a foreign article, they were not mentioned. So much for the "liberal media."

I remember the good ol' days when journalism was supposed to be impartial. Nowadays, every journalist is also a political pundit with a slimy agenda. I used to think we actually had "freedom of speech" and "freedom of the press" in this country but now I realize it's only "reverse-censorship" ... instead of controlling the news through intimidation and oppression, the media simply hires loud-mouth, ignorant blowhards and let's them rant uncontrollably, all under the guise of free speech and free press. And we have the nerve to criticize Al-Jhazeera ...

One day, hypocrisy is going to swallow this country and regurgitate an anarchistic, chaotic shell of what was once the world's preeminent power.


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