Monday, October 04, 2004

Viva Tito!!!!!

Mach loves the fights, baby, Mach loves the fights. That's why I was particularly pleased that my man Felix Trinidad put slap down on that loudmouth Ricardo Mayorga. It was a dangerous fight for Tito ... a wild livin', wild swingin' Nicaraguan nightmare with a chin of pure steel. It took eight rounds of constant pummeling but "El Matador" finally tasted canvas for the first time in his pro career courtesy of The Man. A lot of guys don't realize how hard Trinidad hits until they get in the ring with him but, by then, it's too late ...

What's next? I say go after The Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya. His power is non-existent at 154 or 160 and the extra pounds would make it difficult for him to run like he did in their first fight. Bernard Hopkins was able to chase Goldie down when he got on his bicycle in the later rounds of their bout, so I know it can be done. I think the Golden Boy gets melted for good by Trinidad via mid-round KO.

As for Hopkins, I don't think he should fight Tito ... he's only a couple of fights away from permanent legendary status and I think ... no ... I'm SURE he'd get KO'd in the rematch. I knew that Hopkins would win the first match if Tito couldn't make a dent in his chin with his power but, after the fight, I realized Hopkins has an Achilles heel ... the body. Trinidad did very little work to Hopkins' mid-section in their bout ... I don't think he'll make the mistake of head-hunting again. Hopkins admitted he could not lift his arms the following day after the fight and that was after very little body work by Tito. Next fight, Tito tenderizes the Executioner's ribs and wins via late round KO.

Just my two cents.


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